An Englishman Abroad

Renowned period ensemble La Serenissima celebrates the life and work of Nicola Matteis the Younger and composers of the Carolean Age.

La Serenissima explore Carolean music, written for Charles II of England and Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI by Matteis the Younger, Telemann, Vivaldi, Purcell, Brescianello and collaborations between Matteis and Caldara.

Born in London, Italian Baroque violinist Matteis was surrounded by the music of Henry Purcell before leaving for the Imperial Court in Vienna in 1700. Matteis began life in Vienna as a violinist, later writing music for Charles VI.

La Serenissima dedicate themselves to Italian Baroque Music with careful attention to detail, working exclusively from their own performing editions. With a particular focus on Vivaldi, La Serenissima also explore connections between Venetian composers, Northern Italy and the world, along the way discovering and exposing forgotten composers such as Brescianello.

‘Ouverture-Suite for Strings & Continuo in G Major, TWV 55: G5: II. Loure’ features in our playlist Weekend Classics.

An Old Hall Ladymass

Grammy nominated vocal ensemble Trio Mediæval explore the historically significant 15th century Old Hall Manuscript.

I Hope You Can Forgive Me

Madison McFerrin explores intimate themes on her debut full-length album featuring her father, jazz icon Bobby McFerrin.

The Forest in Me

Xylouris White explore Cretan music of original and traditional composition in their fifth album reflecting on isolation and intimate inner emotions.

Forever Means

American singer-songwriter Angel Olsen explores grief and love on her latest EP of songs recorded during her ‘Big Time’ sessions.


Canadian singer-songwriter Feist explores a multitude of emotions from love to loss in her latest album ‘Multitudes’.

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