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Nov. 22: Nærmere

With songs from across her career, Nærmere is Ane Brun’s first album all in Norwegian.

Nærmere features a mixture of re-recorded songs, new Norwegian vocals on songs such as ‘Lille Venn’ (Honey) and ‘Lande Uten De’ (Hanging), and Ane’s song ‘Virvelvind’ written for Amnesty International’s campaign in 2012.

Ane’s distinctive voice shines on this album, with her unique ability to express deep passion and emotion with a subtle weightless vocal sound.

‘Stormens Øye’ and ‘Fingeravtrykk’ from Nærmere feature in our playlists Sarah Picks and Sonic Gems.

Oct.22: We Aren’t Just

We Aren’t Just from MATTERS UNKOWN is an impressive debut project of some leading musicians from the London jazz scene.

Dec 22: White Juju (Live)

A unique and powerful live collaboration between LSO and Soweto Kinch exploring political themes.

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