Art Song

A selection of songs from German Lieder to French Mélodie.

German lieder, songs which set poetry to music, are the most well known art songs, particularly those from the Romantic Era. Schubert’s lieder and song cycles such as Winterreise and Die schöne Müllerin are perhaps the best known. Here we highlight a broad range of art songs including the French ‘mélodie’ from composers such as Fauré and Déodat de Séverac.

In Focus

Peaceful neo-classical, minimalist, and electronic sounds for focus.

Jazz Reinvented
Jazz Reinvented

Expansive artists reinventing the sound of contemporary jazz.

Cold Brew
Cold Brew

Ease into your day with this mellow selection of indie folk/pop for your morning coffee.


Peaceful piano with works by Amy Beach, Paderewski, Chopin and Clara Schumann.


Zone in or out with this selection of eclectic electronic sounds for concentration.

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