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Love in Exile

Grammy award-winning singer Arooj Aftab collaborates with jazz pianist Vijay Iyer and multi-instramentalist Shahzad Ismaily on this improvisatory album Love in Exile.


Grammy award-winning jazz singer Cecile McLorin Salvant uses the story of European folkloric legend of Mélusine to reveal secrets and explore identity.


Award-winning ensemble Consone Quartet begin their series of Mendelssohn’s complete string quartets, here with fresh interpretation of his ‘1823’ quartet on gut strings.

Racing The Storm

The second collaboration between Icelandic singer-songwriter Emilíana Torrini and Belgian duo The Colorist Orchestra.

Safe Ground

Filipino-American singer-songwriter Sandrayati releases her intimate debut album exploring love, identity and courage.

Schumann & Brahms

Acclaimed British pianist Benjamin Grosvenor performs carefully curated solo works by Brahms and The Schumanns.


Ane Brun’s 20th anniversary celebration of her most loved covers and a previously unreleased version of Blue Moon.

Voice Notes

The debut album from singer-songwriter Yazmin Lacey with flavours of jazz, R&B and Soul.

Red Moon in Venus

Kuli Uchis’ celestial album explores love through concepts of astrology and divine femininity, drawing on R&B, soul, Latin, and pop influences.

Elysium – A Schubert Recital

The latest recital album from Carolyn Sampson and Joseph Middleton exploring the mythical idea of a blessed and happy eternal future through Schubert Lieder.


The latest album from improvisational trio The Necks capturing captivating improvisation sessions.


Parisian indie pop/rock group Principia explore confusion around the state of the world and their place in it.


The second album from celebrated bassist Christian McBride’s quartet New Jawn.

Violet Drive

Kerala Dust bring their unique sound blending untraditional electronic beats, techno, and psychedelic rock on their latest album Violet Drive.

Empty Flower

Raquel Martins’ second EP explores intimate themes with her unique sound drawing on multiple traditions.


Jazz trumpeter and arranger Theo Croker’s latest EP featuring vocalist Ego Ella May.

Visions Illuminées

Soprano Mary Bevan’s third recital album, featuring Britten’s Les Illuminations and French mélodies.

Schubert: Chamber Works

An emotive album of Schubert chamber works with a “worthy farewell” from the late Lars Vogt, with Christian and Tanja Tetzlaff.

Ten Past Never

The latest album from jazz quartet Zirobop, led by Italian drummer Enzo Zirilli.

After The Magic

An album reflecting on the dreams of South Korean artist Parannoul following the success of their debut album.

Silent World

An intimate album from drummer and composer Wolfgang Haffner with collaborations including Till Brönner and Bill Evans.


An intricate and vulnerable album from singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen, featuring Ane Brun.

A Short Diary

An emotive “diary of loss” from former Sons of Kemet and Polar Bear member Sebastian Rochford, and Kit Downes.


Mette Henriette’s intricate acoustic album with ECM takes on a new musical characteristic full of intricate textures.

O Paraíso

With this new solar album, Brazilian singer-songwriter Lucas Santtana hopes to re-enchant our life on earth.

Gabi Hartmann

Gabi Hartmann’s self-titled debut album reveals a uniquely global and nuanced sound.

Rozi Plain: Prize

A hypnotic album reflecting the simplistic yet powerful nature of Rozi Plain’s songwriting and sound.

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