London Brew

Supergroup London Brew brings together twelve notable jazz artists to pay tribute to Miles Davis on their eclectic reimagining of 'Bitches Brew'.

London Brew celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew with this improvised fusion album, recorded over three days in December 2020. Recorded after the isolation of the pandemic, London Brew reflects the emotional turmoil felt not being able to play together. London Brew was initially intended by producer Bruce Lampcov to be a series of European improvised concerts.

London Brew is made up of saxophonists Nubiya Garcia and Shabaka Hutchins, tuba player Theon Cross, D.J. Benji B, guitarist Dave Okumu, drummers Tom Skinner and Dan See, violinist Raven Bush, bassist Tom Herbert, keyboardists Nikolaj Torp Larsen and Nick Ramm, and Nikolaj Torplarsen on synthesizer.

‘Nu Sha Ni Sha Nu Oss Ra’ features in our playlists Inversion and UK Jazz Revival.

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